Original files never persist in our servers, upon the creation of an obfuscation task your data is transferred to our obfuscation server. This server will receive and process the collected data from the very request, meaning no raw files reside in our drives. After the obfuscation process finishes, any information regarding your original property is pruned from all our servers. The protected files are stored. However, the user shall remove those from our servers anytime.
We collect the minimum data possible to preserve your privacy all the time. Passwords are stored using the highest level of encryption possible, BCrypt with high computing time. If you're interested in how we collect/use your information, check the following link: Privacy Policy
Yes, since August 2019, you can enable 2FA authentification using our online panel, please log in and visit Auth Page if you would like to activate it. You may use Google Authenticator or Authy; however, if there is any other 2FA app of your preference, you may use it as well.
If you would like to change your password, please log in and visit: Change Password


We automatically handle CoinPayments and Paypal, however, if you wish to use another platform, do not hesitate to reach us out and we will try our best to suit your needs.
Immediately after the purchase is processed, you will receive an invoice in PDF format.
Yes, make sure to enter the valid VAT ID upon reaching the payment gateway, if you can't find the field or the payment gateway does not accept it, reach us out, and we will make a custom invoice with VAT discounted.


Significant updates that affect the security of the service are released every two or three months; however, if the situation requires it, we will launch updates as frequent as it's needed.
Regarding other technical problems such as compatibility, we tend to release updates as soon as we receive any report via email or support ticket.
No, your license has an undefined lifespan. Once paid, it's yours.
However, if you would like to use the latest version and receive support, you shall pay the renewal quota which, usually is equal to the 10% of the initial payment.
You're eligible for an unconditional refund the first 48 hours after the initial payment was made as long the service was not used.
If you used the service and wished to obtain a refund, we reserve the rights to decline the petition.
Note that in general, terms, if we're unable to provide you with an excellent service, we won't hesitate to process a refund right away.
We offer top tier support with all our packages. You will receive access to our live chat, where you will be able to talk in real-time with any of our engineers. If we happen to be unavailable at that time, you will still have multiple ways to reach us out: via email or support ticket.
To any customer looking to get more alternatives, we also offer a separate phone line where you may talk to us directly. We will help you with any question you may have, this including integrating our services with your application, turning the obfuscation for performance... and a long etcetera.
We're proud to offer the best support, do not hesitate to reach us out.


If you removed the files from our server, We no longer store them anywhere, thus making it impossible for you or us to recover them using our website.
Once in a while, we may perform site updates which may lead to the removal of those obfuscated files.
In such scenarios, you would always receive an email from us stating that obfuscated files are scheduled to be removed at a specific date.
You can download most of the data we own about you in your client's profile.
This process is automated and requires no further verification.
As a security measure, data that may be extremely sensitive is not delivered in this process. If you would like to request for all the data we store, you will have to open a formal request in which we may ask for additional proof of identity.