obfuscator that was made for you.

Cyphor is more than just an obfuscator. Cyphor is the best, fastest, and most reliable obfuscation protection tool to work with.

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Cyphor is easy as 1,2,3! We let you spend your development time on improving your product.

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Optimization through peephole optimization.

When obfuscating your code, we replace certain parts with identical expressions that perform better. Humans write human-friendly code. We turn that human code into more efficient code that humans can’t read

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The all-in-one solution.

We ensure protection for every spot of your application. We protect your assets along with your code. Metadata names, resources, and environment integrity are all essential fields that proper protection must cover. With Cyphor you and your clients are safer.

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Proactive self-protections.

Prevent tampering with and malware attacks on your application with our multiple layers of protection.

  • Prevent your application from being inspected by using debuggers or by dumping from memory.

  • Ensure that your application stays intact. In-app checks are injected to ensure that your application is not modified or embedded with malware.

  • Limit your application’s usage by preventing the execution of your application in compromised machines.

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Our features

We protect and obfuscate your .NET code through:


Symbol Renaming

We replace the metadata of your application. Old names are replaced with unreadable code.


WPF Obfuscation

Most modern .NET Technologies are based on WPF, XAML, or UWP. Related symbols in the code of XAML applications are replaced with unreadable cod.

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Advanced Control Flow protection

When compiling .NET Applications, the generated code is nearly identical to the code you wrote. We fix that by changing the logic of your program and giving similar instructions, which generate the exact same results with minimal performance impact and make the code much harder to inspect.


Body Mutations

Without Cyphor, your variables and parameters are exposed to attackers. By mutating body parameters, we ensure that these fields are completely hidden.

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Anti Tamper

Ensure that your application stays free from tampering. If your code is modified or malware is injected, you and the user will be notified.


Resource Encryption

Your product may include valuable assets inside of it. We will encrypt the application’s resources using industry-standard encryption to prevent your assets from being stolen.

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Virtualization as obscuring technique.

We remove .NET code and replace it with a new language understood by only our virtual machine.


Code obfuscation



Virtualization will protect you against all attacks.

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  • New language

    Your original code is replaced by a new one, only understood by the virtual machine attached to your application.

  • Not recognizable

    Decompilers and other attack vectors cannot read the functions.

  • Cryptographic system

    Virtual instructions are secured through a set of encryptions that ensure the most complex obfuscation.