Take Your Security to the Next Level

Discover the more complex and complete .NET Obfuscation that you needed the most.

The benefits of using Cyphor Obfuscator

Protect your intellectual property

Safeguard important algorithms that are crucial to your business and prevent competitors and code thefts from retrieving and redistributing them.

Prevent Copycat Applications

Competitors and malicious actors can decompile and steal your entire intellectual property. As so, they can clone, pirate, or distribute malicious versions of your application, hurting your business model and reputation.

Preserve AntiCheat Integrity

Cheaters may exploit and decompile clientside anti-cheat logic, allowing them to unlock or disable security measures. For this reason, the experience of legitimate users and your project can be negatively affected.

Secure your revenue stream

Prevent unwanted actors from removing, replacing or abusing your application licensing to unlock illegitimate access that can greatly hurt your business.

A Fully Managed Protection Experience

Our approach to protecting your intellectual property is uniquely built to ensure that you have the best experience.

Over the years, we have worked with numerous businesses and clients all around the world, the results were clear, providing a fully managed platform ensured the most performance for our clients and our service.

We guarantee to help you no matter the time, the day, or the complexity of your project, you will be helped by our team of experts.

Introducing Cyphor Obfuscation Layers

We are now introducing the next generation of Obfuscation and Anti-Tamper. Whether if you are an experienced security user or a complete newbie, we got you covered.

Code Optimizations

The prettiest code isn't always the fastest. Cyphor Obfuscator will turn known slow-to-be code patterns and replace them with ugly yet faster code.

Method Inlining
Constant expression emulation
Peephole Optimizations

Code Obfuscation

Cyphor Code Protection has the most robust and largest set of .NET Code obfuscation techniques, many of which are uniquely built around what we know works best. Our sophisticated yet simple panel, allows you to take advantage of all the obfuscation features. Whether if you want to use our out-of-the-box protection profiles or build your own, we got you covered.

Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP)

Developed by a team of security experts, RASP by Cyphor Technologies protects your application from unwanted runtime modifications. Our protection can be applied with zero operational effort by the customer to any application written in .NET.

Prevent Dynamic Analysis
Prevent Illegal Tampering
Proactive Runtime Protections

One solution to many problems

Code Optimization

Replace human code with equivalent expressions that perform better and are harder to read by humans.

Performance Friendly

Attribute-based obfuscation allows you to tune protection as per your needs, you will be in control.

Prevent Decompliers

By using our obfuscation you are guaranteed that the code will be hidden at a glance.

Prevent Inspection

Hide the flow, strings, constants, and logic of your program with our multiple obfuscation features.

Code Virtualization

Transform your code into a custom set of instructions only understood by our virtual machine.

Instant Updates

Thanks to our cloud-based platform you have access to all the features and updates we release.

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Over a decade of experience working with the .NET platform allowed our team to introduce Cyphor Obfuscator, the most innovative obfuscator in the industry..

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