Public Debut of Cyphor Technologies

We are thrilled to announce that all the effort that we have put into our .net obfuscator is ready to be used by the general public. Since 2019 we had a closed beta with a limited set of features, however, in July 2021 we are finally announcing our public debut.

Nicolas Sama

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Public Debut of Cyphor Technologies

The development started almost four years ago as a side project. Today we are thrilled to announce that all the effort that we have put into our protector is ready to be used by the general public.
Since 2019 we had a closed beta with a limited set of features, however, in July 2021 we are finally announcing our public debut.

New Website

Our old website did the work, however, we want to provide the customer with a remarkable experience. The site has now been re-designed and gives you more opportunities while obfuscating your application.

You can now opt to cache files on our website.
This is ideal for projects that have a large number of dependencies and want to store them in our cloud, all your files are encrypted using ChaCha20 with a key that is solely owned by you.

Further communication via email.
You can select which emails you want to receive, from task creation to updates on the support tickets.

Live Progress on Tickets.
When creating a ticket or issue, you will be able to watch in real-time how we update and work on your query.

Superior obfuscation panel.
When designing the new obfuscation panel the major challenge was adding all the newer features that are being added without losing the user-friendliness that we want to achieve. We are confident that we have accomplished that, a more detailed explanation of the panel can be found at the end of this post.

New billing system.
The purchases you make are automatically processed by our payment processors. By default, we are accepting up to 40 different payment methods. this is possible thanks to our new payment processor Avangate. Be aware that different payment processors show depending on the location you reside, if your desired payment method is not listen, you can always create a ticket and we will handle your payment manually.

News and Changelogs.
In many scenarios, when fixing individual problems or performing minor tweaks, we released stealth updates because they were not big enough to make a post with them. From now on you will be able to watch every single update within the changelog section.

Monitor sessions.
Your account security is crucial, with our newer panel you can see what sessions are active, their country, and the device that was used to login into your account.

New Obfuscation Engine

We have listened to all your feedback and today we are releasing the major update of the service, a brand new obfuscation engine. We are keeping our known features and adding brand new ones that we will list later on.
Setting aside all the internal new capabilities, lets jump into the most obvious and notable features you can start using now:

Dependency merging. You are now able to pick which files you want to merge your application with. This means if you have 20 DLLs and want to merge 5 of them within your application, you can do it within two clicks.

Dependency obfuscation. We found out from the beta stage, that many customers had third party libraries that were used in critical operations such as the authentication of software licenses. Leaving this uncovered was a critical flaw. With the new website, you can merge the dependencies and obfuscate them, each with its own individual set of settings.

Better compatibility. In the last month, we have obfuscated over 2000 files and the statistics show that over 99% of the files were successfully protected.

New Control Flow Obfuscation We put special attention to our flow protection, this feature is extremely efficient against both human and automated tool attacks. The new version ensures that both potency and resilience are at never-seen levels of complexity while keeping an optimal performance on your application.

Enhanced Body Mutations. We received a lot of positive feedback for this feature. We have taken what was already present in our previous version and enhanced it. You can now opt the types you want to mutate and their intensity.

New String Encryption. Strings are key in your project. With the new version of the protection you can choose the level of protection you want on each string of the application.

New Anti Debug Protection A new set of techniques has been deployed to stop the most stealthy anti debugger.

New Call Hiding Protection We are releasing a brand new approach to call hiding, calls to both public and internal members will be encrypted until the program requires the usage of them.

Inlining and Outlining You are now able to determine which methods should be inlined or outlined in your application.

Better Virtualization Obfuscation through a virtual machine is the highest level of obfuscation you can get, this new release provides you with a new set of encryption layers that are automatically added when enabling this feature.

Integrity Checks That merge within the logic of your application, ensuring that your application remains legitimate and behaves the way you designed it to do.
There is a lot more going on behind the scenes. We will dig deeper in a future post, however, for now, these are the most notorious and worthy changes.

Expanding team

Over the last year, three new members have joined our development team. We are astonished by the results they are showing.

Thus being said, We're happy to announce that we can help you in the following languages: English, Spanish, Arabic, and Chinese. just note that the support in some of these languages is limited to email and tickets, our live chat will gladly assist you in English or Spanish.

The future

At the very moment, our team is actively working on the future of the protector as well as the business's new model.
We plan on introducing a digital right management system that achieves the most versatility you could potentially get and allows you to implement solid protection against software piracy while collecting statistics and useful information that we will disclose in the future. Right now some of our customers are testing it and the feedback so far is very positive.

Nevertheless, our main priority at the very moment is our .NET obfuscator, we have a very large roadmap that we expect to cover without any delay or hesitation.



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