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Cyphor Obfuscator is a professional obfuscator that protects your intellectual property.

Obfuscation has never been this easy.

Lightning-fast obfuscation with preset settings.

Every team has its own workflow. Use our out-of-the-box settings or create custom obfuscation rules that work with your team.

  • Extensive API

  • User-friendly panel

  • Attribute based obfuscation

Use settings from our online panel or configure your own.

Cyphor Obfuscator works with any .NET application!

The best service requires the best protection.

Cyphor solutions is made for those who care about security. We protect not only your project but also your information.

  • NDA Contract

  • GDPR Compliant

  • Guaranteed SLA

What's yours stays yours.

Our protection.

Whether you are an experienced reverser or a beginner, our innovative features will excite you.

Symbol and Class Renaming.

Remove and replace metadata of your .NET application with non-readable symbols.

Control Flow

Modify the logic of your application and its flow without modifying the execution results.

Anti Tamper

Protect your application against unauthorized modifications, copyright violations and malware attacks.

Call Hiding

Calls to internal and external methods of your application are pruned, the original calls are unknown until method execution.

Constant Encryption

Your constants will be converted into a brand new language only understood by a custom virtual machine.


Encode the body of a method, turning it into a pseudo-code that only our top-grade virtual machine will understand.

Securing your application

First Stage

Choose the best obfuscation settings for your application.

Second Stage

Secure your application using our professional .NET Obfuscator.

Final Stage

Enjoy a sense of security now that your intellectual property is safe from attackers.

Choose a plan that works for you.

You can also create your own plan or upgrade existing ones anytime.

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Code Obfuscation
Symbol Renaming
Control Flow
Body Mutations
Call Hiding
Constant Encryption
File Shielden
Resource Encryption
Anti Debug
Anti Dump
Anti Tamper
Native Protection Add-on available
SLA (99%)
Free Support
Free Updates
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