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Protect your .NET code and IP with Cyphor

We are leaders in .NET Code Protection and experts in solving data exfiltration attacks.

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Application security made easy

Data and source code are the targets in every day cyberattack. Cyphor Technologies goes beyond the standard obfuscation capabilities to ensure the leadership in the safest product in the market.

Prebuilt obfuscation settings.
Outstanding live-chat support.
1-Click Obfuscation.
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Code Optimization

Replace the latest known-to-exist slow code patterns with faster ones to deliver the best performance to your applications. Inline and remove redundant data to increase performance while protecting the code from attackers.

Code Inlining.
Peephole Optimizations.
Constant expression emulation.
Metadata Reduction.

Code Obfuscation

Achieve enterprise-level security by implementing our .NET Obfuscator. Enjoy a sense of security with the numerous and different available obfuscation layers, from classical symbol renaming to code virtualization through multiple Whitebox encrypted virtual machines that lead to the safest obfuscation in the market.

Symbol & Class Renaming
Control Flow
Anti Tamper
Call Hiding
Constant Encryption

Remove and replace metadata of your .NET application with non-readable symbols.

Code Shielding

Protect your application against unwanted tampering by applying indistinguishable integrity checks. Our countless set of health and integrity checks ensure that the flow, values, and logic of the program remain intact throughout the whole application lifespan.

Prevent DRM/Licensing applications from tampering
Prevent Malware embedding attacks.
Safeguard client-side AntiCheat logic.
private static void Main(string[] args)
  Console.WriteLine("Hello World!");
  Class1 @class = new Class1();
  @class.AbstractMethod(1, 2f);

Modern Protection

Classical approaches to obfuscation are dated. Cyphor next-generation obfuscation replaces legacy obfuscation tools with competent protection procedures to stand out in the market.

Cloud solution to deliver the fastest updates against arising attacks.
Extensive documentation, resources and support.

Not enough? We got your back.

Cyphor Success is a global cloud platform that offers our most advanced tools, support, and digital rights management for established organizations.

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